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Group Classes

Core classes consist of six 1-hour sessions

Our Core Classes are:

  • Kindergarten Puppy Training (10-16 weeks)

  • Beginner Obedience Training (5+ months)

  • Advanced Obedience Training (Beginner Grads)

  • Canine Good Citizen (Advanced Grads)

Specialty Classes

Specialty classes consist of six 1-hour sessions

Some of our Specialty Classes are:

  • Tricks (AKC Title)

  • Therapy Dog Training

  • Social Responsibility Foundations (GRC test)

  • Rally-O

  • Scent

Support Classes


When you enroll in a drop-in class, you are enrolling for a single 1-hour session. Social Support Group is a set of four 1-hr sessions.

Drop-In Puppy Play (single 1-hr session) is a great way to socialize your puppy under the supervision of one of our trained and certified instructors!

Drop-In Obedience (single 1-hr session) is for graduates of our Beginner or Advanced Obedience classes.  Still working on one of the basics that your pup just isn't getting or just need a bit of advice?  A 1-hr session may be all you need!

Drop-In Scent (single 1-hr session) is for clients training on Scent Work who want a little bit extra help / attention / practice.  If you have completed or are still enrolled in Scent Training and want some input, this is for you!

Social Support Group (four 1-hr sessions) is a 4 week course designed to give you the strategies you need to help your young, nervous dog navigate social situations like meeting new people, seeing dogs, and going to new places.

Interested in more personally tailored training?

Consider Private Training  


Do you have some specific training in mind?  Are you looking to have lessons tailored to your (or your family's) specific needs? We offer a range of options for private training.  One-on-one here at our facility.  We can offer in-home training (to those in the near area).  Single lessons and packages are available.

If you would like to set up a tailored set of lessons, please use this link:


Have a question not answered here?


Email us at:


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