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Mallory Galatzer-Levy

Training Without Conflict™ Certified Dog Trainer
Massachusetts Dog Trainer
Mallory Galatzer-Levy

Mallory Galatzer-Levy – Mallory has been training dogs for about 13 years.  She interned with NEADS assistance dogs, and then moved to Canines for Disabled Kids where she provides counseling and education to those interested in obtaining a service dog. 


During this time she received a Vizsla named Jozsi, who she trained as a demonstration service dog.  Jo introduced her to the world of dog shows, earning his Championship in both Canada and the United States, as well as his Master Hunter title.  Mallory currently provides contract services with the Service Dog Industry, creating custom trainer programing. 


Mallory is a Training Without Conflict Certified Dog Trainer, CGC evaluator, AKC STARR puppy trainer, and a board member of the Vizsla Club of New England.  She also completed the Super Sniffer Detection Dog program with Debby Kay and has used that knowledge to develop scent detection classes at The Right Paw.

Mallory also offers temperament testing for breeders.  

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