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Train the Trainer Program

April 2024 Class - FULL

September 2024 Class - 2 spots left

April 2025 Class - 4 spots left


We pride ourselves on continuing our education, and truly enjoy sharing what we have learned from some of our biggest influences.

Check out an example of the program syllabus here.


Come learn from TWC certified trainer Jen Humphrey and The Right Paw crew. 

  • 1 week workshop covering program curriculum and working with dogs.

  • Learn our group class curriculum and benchmarks for success.

  • 3 months of observing private lessons (obedience to aggression).

  • Observe group classes.

  • Teach a class for feedback on your teaching skills.



Space is limited.  We are now accepting applications for September 2024.  For more information, please fill out the application.

See an example of the program schedule.

Hear what graduates have to say about our Train the Trainer Program!

Jill Converse, 2021 graduate.

Brad Schneider
2023 Graduate

Brad & Molly_edited_edited.jpg

Bradford's Best

Pet Care & Canine Companion Training

Groton, MA

"I’ve been participating in Jen Humphrey’s Train the Trainer program through The Right Paw for the last several months.
I own a dog training business myself, but knew that I had much more to learn in order to adequately service my human clients and their dogs.
The experience I’ve had at The Right Paw has been the most comprehensive and immersive educational experience I’ve ever participated in.
Jen is the best human and dog teacher I’ve ever met. I’ve watched her patiently and confidently coach a variety of dog/human teams through a myriad of issues, skill building, problem solving, and advanced techniques with success and efficiency. Her aptitude to be flexible with different learning styles of both human and dogs is something to be admired and ensures a training experience like none other I’ve encountered.
During this program, I’ve been able to succeed both in my business and training practices in ways I couldn’t imagine before learning under Jen. This program is worth WAY more than what I’ve spent on it and I will be forever grateful for I’ve learned and how I’ve learned it.
Jen, Mallory, Jill and Deb offer a wide variety of skills, methods, experience, and perspective that set The Right Paw apart from any dog training school that I know of. They’re all wonderful people and have made me feel welcome whenever I’ve interacted with them.
If you’ve ever had dreams of becoming a dog trainer, or are one but want to learn from an expert, I would suggest that there is no better place to invest your time and money into."

Veronica Kowalak
2022 Graduate

I’ve had a mental block when trying to put the experience into words because it became such a big part of my life in the time between late March and October of 2022, and still is. It is not an overstatement to say that, without the apprenticeship, I would not be the trainer I am today. 


I came into the program with the Frankenstein-esque knowledge base typical to most young trainers in the industry. My repertoire was a haphazard mixture of my personal experience with my own crazy hound, family dogs, some training clients I’d picked up in my tenuously supervised budding career, and an array of information I’d gleaned from seminars, YouTube, and self-guided research. I would characterize myself at the time as relatively naive, over-confident, and lacking a certain cohesion to my dog training worldview, albeit with better-than-average critical thinking skills and a solid relevant academic background. 

The Right Paw crew became a big part of my life over the course of the apprenticeship. I found a support system I realized had been severely lacking in my career thus far; having Jen, Mallory, and Jill as people I could turn to when I had questions on everything from maintaining gear to structuring a business enlightened me to the importance of having trusted colleagues in such an emotionally exhausting industry. Having a life, a job, and attending classes, lessons and lectures almost 5 days a week for six months is a lot, but the clear communication, consistency, and respect for my time and energy made it easy to fit the extensive program into my busy life. 


Jen also helped me develop the much-needed cohesion and theoretical grounding I had been lacking in my approach to training thus far. While I did learn a lot of cool tips and tricks throughout the apprenticeship, my main takeaway was an overarching how and why.


VK Dog Training

Worcester, MA

I didn't just learn how to utilize various training techniques, I learned how to develop a dynamic process of training.  The program didn't teach me what to train, it taught me how to train and how to think about training.  It also taught me how to better work with clients, and how to have flexibility in my approach, and to not let anyone devalue what I do.  It would be impossible to list everything the program gave me, because so much of it is steeped in everything I do everyday.  It gave me a support system, helped me make indispensable connections, and opened up a world of resources.


The only downside of having done this program is that very few animal professionals I encounter meet the standard of quality and professionalism I now have.  


I can't recommend this program enough to anyone who intends to get into this chaotic, unregulated industry.  In an era where anyone can call themselves a dog trainer, do yourself a favor and learn to be a good one. 

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