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Training philosophy

At The Right Paw, we honor who your dog is and help you understand what they are truly capable of.  We aren’t interested in suppressing your dog’s personality.  Instead, we work with you to help you understand why your dog does what they do.  Then we formulate a plan to channel their (sometimes inconvenient) dog behaviors in to appropriate avenues.


The best way to help dogs fit in to our lives AND still be themselves is through games.  Games have rules and structure, take cooperation, and are meant to be fun!  Whatever motivates your dog to want to cooperate with you, that’s what we use!  We are open to using whatever approach works for your dog and you.


We are also open to using all training tools.  In our classes, it’s common to see harnesses, flat collars, slip leads, remote collars, prong collars, head halters, food, toys, verbal and physical praise, sniffing time, rough housing time…and probably more that I’m not thinking of.  Many of our clients use a variety of tools to help their dogs learn.

Steps to success:


  1. Understand what motivates you and your dog.

  2. Build value in you and your dog working as a team.

  3. Set clear rules and boundaries with each other.

  4. Don’t rush the process, learning takes time!

We want you and your dog to have as much fun with us as possible, and we want to send you home with real skills that can help you and your dog navigate life together.  Do you have more questions about how we train?  Give us a call!

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