Group Dog Training Classes

Kindergarten Puppy Training - KTP - $210

This class is for puppies who are under 16 weeks of age. Current studies have shown that the primary time of a puppy's development is prior to sixteen weeks. Early socialization and extensive "world experience" is essential to having a well adjusted adult dog. Kindergarten Puppy Training will help you achieve this landmark!

We welcome and encourage all family members interested in working with the puppy to attend. The instructors at The Right Paw are family oriented and enjoy this atmosphere. We do ask that children in attendance please be capable of absorbing directions and have expressed an interest in participating in the class.

KPT is a six week course.  Classes are limited to eight pups per class. Our Kindergarten Puppy Training has been created for you the student to be able to achieve the AKC S.T.A.R. status with your puppy.

This class addresses:

  • Housebreaking

  • Jumping

  • Biting - chewing

  • Sit

  • Come

  • Walking On Leash

  • Basic Good Manners

  • Grooming

  • AKC S.T.A.R.

Check out our Class Schedule to see when this class is offered.  Register Here.

Grammar School - Beginners Basic Class - $195

class is a six week course that runs one hour per week. This class is for dogs that are four months of age and older, for dogs that are NOT AGGRESSIVE towards other dogs or people... Perfect for the Kindergarten graduate or a first time attendee.


The goal of this class is to create a foundation to build from with your dogs training. When you graduate from this class, you should have a dog you feel comfortable with when taking him 'out into the world'. Grammar gives you the  training techniques that help you have a well behaved dog at your relatives, neighbors, friends or just walking in the park. This class is REAL LIFE training with your four legged family member.

As with all our classes, this class is limited to eight dogs per class. A group large enough to simulate a distracting environment, yet small enough so as to maximize on the individual attention.

Covered in class:


  • Sit

  • Focus

  • Lie down

  • Loose leash walking

  • Come

  • Wait

  • Get Off

Check out our Class Schedule to see when this class is offered.  Register Here.

High School - Higher Education - $195

This is THE CLASS to solidify your education received in the Grammar class . Grammar school graduation is a requirement or approval that you are appropriately prepared for High School by one of our instructors through a Private Consultation. We have been told that six weeks of class  is "not enough time" for some folks to feel solid in their techniques. We understand and have created this class with you in mind. 

    The exercises in this class have plenty of distractions for the dog and the handlers to focus on attention work. Class is faster paced than the Grammar School, as High School should be...  yet up beat and always friendly! We feel these are the commands that every Pet dog needs to be efficient at, allowing them to live a long and happy life in their forever homes...This class is a six week course with a limit of eight dogs per class. Family is always welcome.

Subjects covered:

  • Sit

  • Down

  • Come & quickly please

  • Leave it

  • Stay, don't move no matter what...

  • No pulling

  • Meet and greet other people and dogs, appropriately.

Our goal as instructors is to show you how fun training can be! We'd like to spark an interest in you so you will want to do more with your dog. Perhaps advance into the Good Citizen Class or be the next shining star in one or our various Competition classes!!

Check out our Class Schedule to see when this class is offered.  Register Here.


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