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Group Class Overview

Core Classes

Core Classes are designed to give you the good dog you deserve.  

Our Core Classes Are:

  • Kindergarten Puppy Training

    • 10-16 weeks at start

  • Beginner Obedience Training

    • 5+ months old at start

  • Advanced Obedience Training

    • Beginner Grads

  • Canine Good Citizen

    • Advanced Grads

Support Classes

Support Classes are designed to help your dog get caught up on skills or behaviors that they need just a bit more work on.

Our Support Classes Are:

  • Drop-In Puppy Play

    • Large breeds up to 4 mo. old

    • Small breeds up to 6 mo. old

  • Drop-In Obedience

    • Beginner & Advanced Grads

  • Social Support Group

    • 4 mo. up to 2 yrs old

Specialty Classes

Specialty Classes are for pet parents who want their good dog to go above and beyond the basics.    

Our Specialty Classes Are:

  • Tricks (AKC Title)

  • Therapy Dog Training

  • Social Responsibility Foundations (GRC test)

  • Rally-O

  • Scent Training

Group Classes


All Core and Specialty Classes meet for six 1-hr sessions (same day and time each week).

Social Support Group is four 1-hr sessions (same day and time each week)

Drop-In classes are one 1-hr session.

Enrollments are kept small (usually 6 dogs per class) so that our instructors can give personal instructions as needed.  Where possible, we give students electronic copies of our class notes so you can continue practicing after class is over.  Most core and specialty classes cost $225 for each 6 week program.  (Beginner Obedience is $245, which reflects the more personalized training we give the the even smaller class size of 4.)

How to start training with us

Start with: Kindergarten Puppy Training  


We’ll help you tackle issues such as Housebreaking, Jumping, Biting / chewing.  Start off on The Right Paw with your pup!


We also offer our Puppy Training Series for folks who can’t find a class, or who want a little extra help preparing their pup for Beginner Obedience.

Beginner Obedience will build off of behaviors learned in Kindergarten and prepare you to have a dog that you are comfortable “taking out into the real world”.

I have a puppy 16 weeks old or younger

to move onto: Beginner Obedience Training  

If your pup has not had many chances to socialize, it's best to start with Social Support Group before moving onto Beginner Obedience.


Social Support Group is designed to give you the strategies you need to help your young, nervous dog navigate new social situations.  We use positive reinforcement through fun games to help build you and your dog's confidence when faced with scary situations.


This course is limited to 4 dogs in order to give each dog the attention they need. If your dog is displaying aggression (biting, lunging, growling, snapping) at people or dogs, then this not the right course; please reach out to us about private lessons.


Learning is hard, even for pups!  If your pup needs to get used to groups, new people, new dogs, and going to new places, it's best to start here before trying also add on Obedience Training. 


Beginner Obedience will build off of behaviors learned in Social Support Group and prepare you to have a dog that you are comfortable “taking out into the real world”.

I have a puppy / dog 4 months or older who needs socialization

Start with: Social Support Group  


to move onto: Beginner Obedience Training  


Advanced Obedience will help you prepare for more situations (e.g. increased distractions while walking) and improve on what was learned in Beginner obedience.  Advanced Obedience is a requirement for our Canine Good Citizen class.


We can offer AKC Trick training to students who have mastered Beginner Obedience.

I have a puppy / dog 5 months or older who is FRIENDLY & well socialized

Start with: Beginner Obedience Training  

to move onto: Advanced Obedience Training  

or to move onto: Most Specialty Courses  


Many of our students already have a good grasp of how to handle puppy behaviors, and choose to start with Beginner Obedience Training.


Topics covered include: Playing with your dog, Sit and Down Stay, Walking on a leash without lunging at dogs or people, leave it, and wait.


By the time you are done with Beginner Obedience, you should be confident that you can take your dog out into the real world on a leash.

I have have already completed some training with another trainer

Start with: Private Training  


Some owners already have a firm grasp of basic obedience, and want to move straight into a specialty class.  Some owners come to us from other trainers.  Unfortunately, not all training programs cover the same behaviors.  


In these cases, we can work with you (for a minimum of one hour, but up to as long as you want) to see where your dog’s strengths and weaknesses are, and determine what class is right for you.


Our trainers will help you prepare for our classes and set you up for success in the right class.

to move onto: Any Group Class 

(Core or Specialty, as recommended by your trainer)




You’ve completed a class that seems like it's similar to Beginners Obedience Training (but with another trainer), and you want to enroll in our Advanced Obedience class.  


We’d ask you to complete one session of Private Training to ensure that Advanced Obedience is the best fit for your dog and/or to go over any behaviors we train in our Beginner Obedience that your other trainers may have excluded.

Have a question not answered here?


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