Core Classes

Our Core Classes focus on training your pup the basics of obedience and getting them prepared for interactions in "the real world".   We offer Core Classes for dogs of all ages who are looking to learn basic obedience. 

All of our group classes are small (6 or fewer students, typically).  All classes are 6 weeks long and meet at the same day & time each week. 


For help with aggression, fear, or anxiety, or if you'd prefer a custom approach to training, please fill out our Private Training Application.

Kindergarten Puppy Training

This 6 week course is for puppies who are under 16 weeks of age.

Limited to 6 dogs per class; price: $225.


At the end of the course, you'll be able to test for your AKC S.T.A.R. puppy title.  Check out our Puppy Training Series to get a head start!

Covered in class:

  • Housebreaking

  • Jumping

  • Biting - chewing

  • Socialization

  • Basic Good Manners

  • Grooming

  • AKC S.T.A.R.


Beginner Obedience Training


For dogs 5 months of age and older that are NOT AGGRESSIVE towards other dogs or people. 

Limited to 4 dogs per class; price: $245.

Perfect for the Kindergarten graduate or a first time attendee.  When you graduate from this class, you should have a dog you feel comfortable with when taking him 'out into the world'.

Covered in class:


  • 30 Second Sit Stay

  • 1 Minute Down Stay

  • Leash walking around dogs and people, no more pulling!

  • Wait at the door

  • Play

Advanced Obedience Training

Advanced training for Beginner Obedience graduates who able to walk on a loose leash in close proximity to other dogs and people. 

Limited to 6 dogs per class; price: $225.


We take all the skills taught in Beginner Obedience and show you how to apply them in more complicated real life situations.

Covered in class:

  • Come

  • Heel

  • Place

  • Increased distractions for leash walking

  • Meet and greet other people and dogs

  • walking nicely on a leash while in a group setting

  • behaving while owners go out of sight

  • staying calm in the company of other dogs and crowds

Canine Good Citizen


For dogs Advanced Obedience Graduates.  

Limited to 6 dogs per class; price: $225.


A Canine Good Citizen Title / Certificate can assist with Renters insurance coverage, Homeowners insurance coverage, Landlord approval of dogs, & the Worcester, MA Muzzle Ordinance requirement.  (With this title no muzzle needed!) Excellent preparation for Therapy Dog requirements and much more.

AKC Test Requirements:


  • Sit

  • Lie Down

  • No Pulling

  • Heel

  • Stay

  • Come