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JIllian Converse

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Jillian entered the dog training world in 2020 after bringing home her Australian Cattle Dog, Finley; a puppy with significant behavioral challenges. Jillian dove head first into all things dog and dog training, at first out of necessity, but it quickly turned into a passion.

In 2021, Jillian completed a 300 hour apprenticeship at The Right Paw. She also regularly attends seminars, conferences, and classes to further her education.

Outside of dog training, Jillian earned a bachelor’s degree in both psychology and human development & family studies in 2011. It has been a long-held desire of hers to help improve the lives of others. After experiencing firsthand how overwhelming life with a challenging dog can be, Jillian knew that she wanted to help people live better with their dogs.

Jillian strives to provide her clients with an enjoyable and judgement-free approach to training. She hasn’t forgotten what it felt like to be a new dog owner in way over her head!

When Jillian isn’t training dogs, she can be found dabbling in dog sports with Finley, including Barn Hunt, Nose Work, and GRC Dogsports, hiking, camping, and roadtripping around the country.

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