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In Home Dog Training


Auburn, Barre, Clinton, Hardwick, Holden, Hubbardston, Leominster, New Braintree, Paxton, Princeton, Rutland, Sterling, Spencer, The Brookfields, West Boylston, Worcester

Custom, private training in your home and neighborhood.


House Manners Program

Are you struggling to teach your dog to stop jumping on visitors?  Does your dog bark all day long, and your neighbors are complaining?  Teach your dog how to behave in the house so that they can be out with the family when visitors come over.


+ 3 sessions

+ Control barking/jumping/accidents

+ Polite behavior in the home

+ Free membership to TRP training support group on Facebook


Attentive Dog Program

Tired of your dog pulling you around and barking at everything during your walks?  Do you want to teach your dog basic obedience AND stop them from jumping, stealing food, or running away from you?  In this program we will teach your dog how to respect the leash so you can go on care free walks around the neighborhood.



+ 6 Lessons in your home/neighborhood

+ Control jumping & barking

+ Walk without pulling

+ Stay

+ House Training

+ Come when called on leash

+ General training notes to help practice in between sessions

+ Free membership to TRP training support group on Facebook



Unlimited & Unleashed Program

For people who want the best behaved dog.  Control unwanted behaviors, teach your dog to listen on and off leash.  This program can be customized to suit your needs.


You and your dog will get a full education in off leash training so that they listen any time you need them to, whether you're at a family cook out, at the park, or in your yard.  




+ 12 Private training sessions in your home & beyond

+ Fully customize for your dog

+ Off leash freedom

+ Socialize your dog with people and other dogs

+ Walk without pulling

+ Leash Reactivity

+ Control jumping, barking, biting, destruction, and more

+ Come when called off leash

+ Lifetime email & phone support

+ Personalized training notes

+ Long line, slip leash included

+ Free membership to TRP training support group on Facebook



If you’re not sure which program you need, provide detail in the training application and we'll help you choose.

*Additional charges may apply for aggression cases.

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