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Right Paw

Chucks 'girl' Holly earning her NW1 title with a 'P' bestowed by their judge for outstanding teamwork! 

Tammy with Misty Rose Odor recognition

      FALKOR                               BUBBLES                                                FINNEGAN X2                                                Beth &  LADY                Wendy & GRACIE

Achieved THERAPY DOG Titles!

 Chuck with his other 'girl' Piper earning her NW1 title and again with a 'P' for THEIR  outstanding teamwork on the exterior search!

Martha & Dachund Rudy~ Tammy & GSD MistyRose~

Barbara & Fox Terrier Fallon!

Bonnie with Fallon and Ribbon

Fallon  NACSW NW1 NACSW ORT titles! Yeah Fallon!

 NOSE WORK students rocking it! 2019

Bragging about our clients accomplishments !