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  •   educate 
  •  teach by example
  • share our experience
  •  assist in reaching your goals
  •  client satisfaction
  •  increase public awareness
  •  introduce the 'sport' of dogs to those interested
  • dispel the general consensus         that obedience school is                  'remedial training'    ______________________________
  • Ultimately  saving lives by accomplishing the above

Offering Group Classes & Private Consultations. Group classes and Private sessions are held here in our easily accessible, climate controlled facility.  Group classes are limited to 8 dogs, so you receive the attention you and your pet deserve. Private sessions can also be arranged in the comfort of your home or here at our facility.  Family members are encouraged to attend, after all, they live with your pet too!

 We are called 'dog trainers',  but our goal is to teach people how to effectively communicate with their dogs. Using positive techniques easily followed  by all family members through out the life of your pet. We want you to succeed!




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GRAMMAR / SEPTEMBER classes available !!

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THERAPY DOG / October class available!

RALLY-O/  September class available!

NOSE WORK / September class available!

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Professional Dog Training

A BRAG from the K9 Nose Work® class at The Right Paw w/Laurie Merritt certified instructor
On 12/2/18 Chuck handled both Piper and Holly to the passage of their Odor Recognition Tests for Birch.  This certification clears the way for Piper and Holly to compete for NW1 Titles in National Association of Canine Scent Work (nacsw.net).
CONGRATULATIONS to Chuck, Piper and Holly!

Background: Chuck Dillon came to the first NoseWork class at The Right Paw in Jan. 2017 with his chocolate Lab, Piper.  It was clear from the beginning that Piper loved the sniffing game!
By the second round of classes Chuck could see that involvement in the NoseWork game could help his yellow Lab, Holly, to build her confidence.
Both Piper and Holly have attended NoseWork classes since Winter 2017.  They have expanded their search and problem solving skills, Chuck has worked on his line handling and observational skills and the entire class has enjoyed watching Piper's and Holly's distinctly different search styles.