TRICKS TRAINING  a group class intended to teach the handlers how to train their dogs to perform specific tricks upon request. Approximately 5 individual tricks will be worked on EACH week. The class will be six weeks long and 1 hour per week.  Trick training is the perfect next step after you have achieved the CGC title (as the trick requirement is only 5 tricks for folks with a CGC title). Those folks taking Tricks class with out a CGC title will be expected to perform twice as many tricks on the test day, so this class is a great class for anyone! No previous training required, though having basic control over your dog IS. Your last week of class will allow for each team to take the 'test' to earn your new title.

Some tricks to expect; Walk a balance beam - Hold - Get into - Find it/Shell game - Crawl & much more!

  Tricks are training... keeping training fun for both dog and handler, keeps everyone engaged.

Trick training helps to create a  'JOB' that dogs need... Why? Because tricks are mentally stimulating.

Trick training helps the owners to 'think' like a trainer, therefor benefiting you and your pet daily.

  Our instructors are certified through the American Kennel Club (AKC) to award this title and more such as the

 Canine Good Citizen titles. The first TRICK TITLE is the Tricks Dog Novice. Trick training can earn you 3 separate titles;

  1. Tricks Dog Novice (TKN)
  2. Tricks Dog Intermediate (TKI)
  3. Tricks Dog Advanced (TKA).

Each title coincides with the level of complexity of the tricks and the amount of tricks that the owner and dog are capable to perform. Titles are progressive.

Class fee is $195.00/ with an additional TEST fee on week 5 of $20.00

To Register

Check the                                 page for up and coming classes. Go to the Registration page. Registration forms can be filled out and sent to the Right Paw on line, along with the class fee of $195.00 and the option to send a copy of the dog's vaccinations.

Refund policy: 
Refunds are given with a 24-hour notice of drop out prior to the first class. If you paid with a credit card there will be a $15.00 processing fee included in refund

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