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RED is currently working in Saint Vincent Hospital of Worcester

Therapy Dog class is the ‘newest’ class offered here at The Right Paw.  It has been a long time coming.  Clients have looked to us for guidance with this admirable goal and we’ve created this class to help facilitate just that! TD is yet Another Graduate Program offered here...

 Dogs are required to have SOLID BASIC TRAINING.  All dogs should be well socialized and mentally stable, showing the ability to ENJOY the work expected from a Therapy Dog.  This can be more than many dogs are comfortable with.  Having the appropriate Therapy Dog temperament in your dog is important.

There are many options in the ‘Therapy Dog’ world.  We believe that this class will prepare the handlers and the dog for most TD certification tests.  Not only are we preparing your dog for the test, we are preparing YOU the handler, for the actual work.

Therapy dogs often participate in scheduled visitations at hospitals, nursing homes, support groups, assisted care facilities and more.  For example, many libraries have created a ‘special time’ to assist children and or adults in a confidence boosting reading program. Therapy dogs fit right into these programs.  Therapy Dogs bring a feeling of comfort to many…

You may find that you have a special place in your heart for a specific group…  Troubled teens, children with missing parents or emotionally challenged youngsters for example.  There is a group out there looking to include Therapy Dogs into their program.  Perhaps you have a nursing home with your own special patient in mind.  They may be just waiting for you to acquire your TD certification!

We realize that this is not a class for all owners and is certainly considered a ‘specialty class’. We here at The Right Paw want to support the ‘need’ not only for our clients, but also for the facilities that benefit from the therapeutic animal visitations.  We are proud to offer this class!  If this class sounds like what YOU HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR, we are ready to help you prepare for your THERAPEUTIC DOG CERTIFICATION.

Therapy Dog Class is a six-week course, with a time commitment of one hour per week. Week one is Handlers only please…

Class is limited to eight dogs with their handlers.  The class fee is $195.00.  Registration must be sent in advance.  All dogs are expected to provide an updated photocopy proving the following vaccinations; Rabies, Distemper and Kennel cough. 

To Register 
Check the                                         page for up and coming classes. Go to the Registration page. Registration forms can be filled out and sent to the Right Paw on line, along with the class fee of $195.00 and the option to send a copy of the dog's vaccinations. 

Refund policy: Refunds are given with a 24-hour notice of drop out prior to the first class. If you paid with a credit card there will be a $15.00 processing fee included in refund.

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