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Professional Dog Training


Right Paw

Is the opportunity to literally TRAIN WITH A FRIEND and their dog! This is a Semi Private Consultation and utilized by owners  who have specific training needs, want to literally train with a friend and their dog or perhaps have a challenging schedule. Semi Private Consultations have  been utilized for the following :

  • Basic obedience
  • Slight behavior issues (such as jumping and leash pulling)
  • Tricks
  • Family education  
  • Individual grooming questions
  • Temperament testing
  • Competition instruction
  • Introducing the new dog (s) 

The list is endless on why folks choose to work with us in a Semi private way...

All Private Consultations are available by appointment only.

For two dogs, and two people the fee is only $100.00 per hour at our campus!

(Fees are cash only)

Cancelation policy  Due to the nature of private consultations we require a 24 hour notice if  you need to cancel. With out this timely notice, we will charge you for the missed appointment.

sounds fun!

Train with a Friend

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Wally  and  Pauli = Retriever friends