Private Consultations 

are utilized by owners and families who have specific training needs, or perhaps have a challenging schedule. Private Consultations have  been utilized for the following :

  • Basic obedience
  • Slight behavior issues (such as jumping and leash pulling)
  • Tricks

  • Family education  
  • Home management techniques
  • Individual grooming questions

  • Temperament testing

  • Breed selection

  • Assistance in finding the right dog

  • Breeder search

  • Competition instruction

  • Introducing the new dog into the home/family/pets

  • How to set up ones home for the ‘new addition’

The list is endless on why folks choose to work with us privately...
All Private Consultations are available by appointment only.
 The fee for a ONE HOUR PRIVATE CONSULTATION here on campus is $100.00.

Cancellation policy

 Due to the nature of private consultations and our scheduling, we require a 24 hour notice if  you need to cancel. With out this timely notice, we will charge you for the missed appointment.

One on One Personal Training

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