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Make Up ~ Tutoring

Make up ~ Tutoring Hour  is available to those students that need a little EXTRA HELP with their ongoing class or for students that have missed a week and have fallen behind in their current training class.

This hour takes place during the 'breaks' in our scheduled calendar. The fee for the instructors time is 1/3rd of the cost of a PRIVATE CONSULTATION. The fee is $20.00 (cash)

Due to the nature of this class there could be multiple students & dogs  with variant levels of experience utilizing this opportunity.

Students are required to RESERVE THEIR SPOT through pre-registration. The deadline for SIGN UP  is 8:00 PM on the night prior to the scheduled date.  Schedule can be seen on our Class Schedule Page.

Students can sign up by calling the office directly (978) 464-0429, emailing their instructor or signing up/posting on our Face Book account.