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Laurie began training with her first dog a  Siberian Husky in 1974.  What a way to start!  This dog, “Koly” finished her CD and even placed in all breed competition.  During the next several years, Laurie continued to exhibit her Siberians in conformation, obedience and rally and ran a 4 dog team in Sportsman Class sled dog races.  Obedience was the primary focus and Laurie’s dogs almost always titled.  They frequently placed in the class and earned an occasional High In Trial award.  Laurie recalls that her dogs were always happy workers and would sometimes take the opportunity to simply entertain the spectators.

  Laurie’s current training partner, “Darwin” (Winiaken’s Intelligent Design, BN, RN, FD, NW1) has proven to be a smart, eager and patient teammate from whom Laurie has learned a lot.  While they dabble in Canine Freestyle and Obedience, their primary focus is NoseWork.
     Laurie has been involved in dog related activities and clubs for over 30 years.  She has served in many capacities ranging from club officer positions in all breed and specialty clubs to Trail Crew Boss for the Sandwich Notch 60 Sled Dog Race, to Obedience and Rally Trial Chairman for the Springfield Kennel Club.
     Laurie has been conducting dog training classes and providing private in-home lessons and consults for more than 20 years.  She has worked for several obedience and all breed clubs and has taught classes at 2 Massachusetts training centers.  Classes include basic family dog classes, competition obedience and rally classes, breed handling classes, canine freestyle and K9 Nose Work® classes.  During the past year, Laurie’s students in Freestyle and in NoseWork  have earned numerous titles…. even though very few people had any intension of competing initially.

Laurie Merritt ~ Nose Work Trainer

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