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Right Paw

DROP IN  ~ Special workshop hour

 We run specific WORKSHOPS for this drop in class such as; TRICKS, KIDS ONLY NIGHT, RALLY SPECIFIC,  HECK of a HEEL NIGHT, GAMES...Check out our FaceBook page or see our Class Schedule page to see what's on the agenda ... These Workshop hours are pre-scheduled and placed in our schedule when we have 'breaks' in our schedule.

This class is $20.00 at the door and students sign up VIA our Face Book page or by calling  the office directly to reserve their spot. Our requirement is that we have a minimum of 3 dogs by 8:00 PM the evening before the class .  Class is limited to 8 dogs with their handlers.

This is a great class to keep your skills sharp, learn something new and just have fun with your canine partner!   Its just FUN!