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      Come When Called Class ~Prerequisite is being a GRAMMAR, Basic obedience  or

 our LEASH SKILLS graduate...
 One of the most important things you’ll ever teach your dog is to come when called.

 The last thing you want is a dog that runs away from you, especially when loose. 

 Come when called class will teach your dog that, coming to you is FUN!

and it is not an option 

 This class uses long lines to teach your dog to come to you even if they are far away. 

 Skills covered include:

  •  Come from 30 ft away.

  • Come when called while ‘saying Hello’ to a person.

  • Come when called while eating food off the ground.

  • How to reward your dog for listening, so to ensure they will listen again in the future!

 Dogs must be appropriately vaccinated for their age. This means dogs 6 months old or older   must have a Rabies vaccination and have had the Distemper combination vaccine. Kennel   Cough is recommended but not a requirement. All registration is done on line.

  Check the Class Schedule page for up and coming class dates.

  Registration;  ​Go to the                            page and complete the form to include the class fee 

  of $195.00 and it will automatically send to the Right Paw. You will have the option to upload 

  a copy of the dog's vaccinations and a photo of your dog if you have the correct format.


   Refund policy; 

       Refunds are given with a 24-hour notice of drop out prior to the first class.

          If you paid with a credit card, there will be a $15.00 processing fee

             included in the refund. 

Come When Called ~ basic skills

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