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Important Information 
As with all of our classes, this class can fill two-three weeks prior to the starting date. Pre-Registration along with a photo copy of current vaccinations  is required. All dogs must be appropriately vaccinated to include Rabies ( if dog is 6 months old or older), Distemper and a Kennel Cough vaccine.

Canine Good Citizen Class ~ CGC


The CGC class is part of our Graduate Level class options and is the next step after our High School ~ Basic Level 2...the environment is up beat and class is progressive. This is a six week course. 
This class is for dogs that have their basic skills (acquired here or at another facility). You will be working on the AKC CGC TEST REQUIREMENTS; Sit, lie down, no pulling, heel, stay, come, walking nicely on a leash while in a group setting, behaving while owners go out of site, staying calm in the company of other dogs and crowds etc. After your  last class week of this class, you will have the opportunity to take the Canine Good Citizen test and earn your certificate!
CANINE GOOD CITIZEN Title/ Certificate can assist with Renters insurance coverage, Homeowners insurance coverage, Landlord approval of dogs that may have previously declined pets, the Worcester MA  MUZZLE ordinance requirement (with this title no muzzle needed!) Excellent preparation for Therapy Dog requirements and much more.

To Register 

Check the                                                page for up and coming classes. Then go to the Registration page. Registration forms can be filled out and sent to the Right Paw on line, along with the class fee of $195.00 with the option to send  a copy of the dog's vaccinations.

Refund policy: Refunds are only given with a 24-hour notice of drop out prior to the first class. If you paid with a credit card there will be a $15.00 processing fee included in refund.