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Behavioral Evaluations

An evaluation is used to assess any behavioral concern owners have pertaining to their dogs.   Typically any behavior that puts the dog or others around the dog in danger. Does the dog have a behavior that puts themselves in danger? Jumping out windows, chasing cars etc. Or does this behavior   put others in danger such as biting people, aggressive behaviors towards other animals for example. These are the types of behaviors that will prompt owners to contact us for an evaluation.

You need this information in order to make a clear decision pertaining to your dogs future. Basically people use this to educate themselves as to what it entails to keep a dog with any problems and to make individual decisions  on how you could/should proceed.  

 (Behavior Modification Programs, Medications, Private Consultations, Home Management, Obedience Classes, Placement, Euthanasia etc.)

There is an extensive client questionnaire that is E- mailed to you prior to the evaluation consultation. You are asked to mail the questionnaire back to us or bring it with you for the initial meeting/consult. Upon the initial evaluation you will be asked additional questions to help us evaluate the problem behavior. All family members are encouraged to attend in addition to the dog itself. Plan on a two hour visit...

A full diagnosis will usually be reached by the end of the initial behavior evaluation consultation. In some cases the final diagnosis will take three - five working days. As with most behavior situations, the dog usually suffers from more than one behavior issue. We will diagnose all that apply, then prioritize with the client as to which behavior needs addressing first.

If your dog has any medical history, we ask for copies of these records to assist us in our diagnosis.

Behavior evaluations are by appointment only/plan on a two hour visit with your dog.

Hours available to schedule evaluations are week days 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM 

 Please call the office in order to book your appointment.

Behavior Evaluations  are $400.00 due at the time of  the evaluation, if not in advance.