Training class is a six week course, one hour per week. This class is for dogs that are four months old and older. Perfect for the Kindergarten graduate or a first time attendee. Some people might refer to this as a "basic" class. The goal of this class is to create the foundation to build on with your dogs training. When you graduate from (Grammar School) Beginner Basic training class you should have a dog you can feel comfortable with when taking him 'out into the world'. Beginner Basic gives you the  training techniques that help you to have a well behaved dog at your relatives, neighbors, friends or just walking in the park. This class is not 'show dog training' but REAL LIFE training with the  four legged member of your family. Beginner Basic (Grammar School)  is for all first time dog attendees or the natural next step for the Kindergarten Puppy graduate.

As with all our classes, this class is limited to eight dogs per class. A group large enough to simulate a distracting environment, yet small enough so as to maximize on the individual attention.

 Covered in class; 

  • Sit
  • Focus
  • Lie down
  • Loose leash walking
  • Come
  • Wait
  • get Off

Again, this class is geared to teach you how to train your dog. After all, you are the one who live with your pet.

Our techniques for training vary depending on your abilities and your dogs. There is no one way to train your dog. We focus on positive reinforcement (praise, rewards, food, toys etc.) along with properly timed, appropriate correction. The tools used here are a six foot cotton web or leather lead, a nylon slip collar (required-see registration form), possibly a gentle leader, treats, toys and an 'up attitude'.

Our goal as your instructors is to show you how fun training can be! We'd like to spark an interest in you so you will want to do more with your dog,  advancing into the High School, College or Graduate School. Perhaps furthering onto Good Citizen Class, Therapy Dog class or even be the next shining star in one or our various Competition classes!!

To Register
Check the class schedule page for up and coming classes. It is recommended that you download and print out the class registration form. Registration forms must be filled out and sent to the Right Paw, along with the class fee of $195.00 and a copy of dog's vaccinations.

Refund policy Refunds are given with a 24-hour notice of drop out prior to the first class. This is so that we can fill your spot in the class.

Professional Dog Training


Right Paw

Beginner Basic Training ~ Grammar School

Important Information
Most of our classes fill three weeks before the starting date. Pre-registration is required, along with proof of vaccinations. Vaccines that are required are a full distemper combination, a rabies (if six months old or older), and an additional vaccine that's not routinely done by most vets, the kennel cough vaccine. (a photo copy of your receipt from your vet will do).

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