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Darlynn with Sylvia /Lure coursing~

What started as her hobby, turned into her career! Darlynn started working with clients over 30 years ago through a one on one basis in Southern Maine. The local clinic, Wells Veterinary Clinic, approached her to hold dog training classes through them. With the assistance of the clinic, her first group class was created and held in Wells ME.

Through time, she felt the need to give the business a new name. THE RIGHT PAW arrived in central Massachusetts around 1992-1993.


She has trained her own dogs to compete in Field Trials, Agility, Obedience, Search and Rescue, Confirmation, Earth Dog, Tracking, Rally, Frisbee and most recently Lure Coursing.  She even created a stage performance incorporating individual tricks put to music ‘Trouble with Amazing Mandy and Calamity Cliff’...

Throughout her career she has spoken at local schools, Scout troops, public events, veterinary clinics, Kennel clubs and other animal related assistant groups such as Trigger Point Mio-therapists.

One of the endeavors she is most proud of was called ‘Dog Day Match’ for the local charitable group Why Me, Inc. A match is a practice dog show. With the assistance of MANY volunteers this successful fundraiser ran for over seven years. The event was held in Holden MA at Wachusett Regional High School. This culminated her two passions, showcasing canines and their handlers in a fun and educational way and supporting a worthy cause, Why Me, Inc.  

In her free time she can be found hiking in the woods, kayaking, or riding one of her two horses on the trails of New England. She feels truly blessed with the humans and animals that surround her in her life. She is the proud mother of three sons and is thankful for the love and support she receives from her wonderful husband, Mark.     

Darlynn Tracy-Oberg ~ Owner