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 HIGH SCHOOL- higher education

Created with the Grammar School ~ Beginner Graduates in mind!
This is THE CLASS to solidify your education received in the Grammar class . Grammar school graduation is a requirement or approval that you are appropriately prepared for High School by one of our instructors through a Private Consultation. We have been told that six weeks of class  is "not enough time" for some folks to feel solid in their techniques. We understand and have created this class with you in mind. 

This class is the NEXT STEP after the Grammar School ~ Beginner Basic level.   
    The exercises in this class have plenty of distractions for the dog and the handlers to  focus on attention work. Class is faster paced than the Grammar School, as High School should be...  yet up beat and always friendly! We feel these are the commands that every Pet dog needs to be efficient at, allowing them to live a long and happy life in their forever homes...
If we were to compare this class to 'human school', we would call this your dog's equivalent to 'Junior/Senior High school'...This class is a six week course with a limit of eight dogs per class. Family is always welcome.
Subjects covered some new and some review; 

  • Sit
  • Down
  • Wait
  • Come & quickly please
  • Heeling and plenty of it!
  • Leave it
  • Stay, don't move no matter what...
  • No pulling
  • proofing techniques for No Jumping on people
  • Meet and greet other people and dogs, appropriately.
  • Attention work/ eye contact
  • Hand signals

Our goal as instructors is to show you how fun training can be! We'd like to spark an interest in you so you will want to do more with your dog. Perhaps advance into the Good Citizen Class or be the next shining star in one or our various Competition classes!!
To Register 
Check the                                            page for up and coming classes. Then go to the Registration page.

Registration forms can be filled out and sent to the Right Paw on line, along with the class fee of $195.00 and a copy of dog's vaccinations.

Refund policy: Refunds are given with a 24-hour notice of drop out prior to the first class. If you paid with a credit card there will be a $15.00 processing fee included in refund.

    Important Information
 Classes can fill three weeks before the starting date. Pre-registration is required, along with proof of vaccinations. Vaccines that are required are a full distemper combination, a rabies (if age appropriate), and an additional vaccine that's not routinely done by most vets, the kennel cough vaccine. (a photo copy of your receipt from your vet will do). In order to register, you must send a registration form, check to reserve your spot along with a copy of the appropriate vaccines.

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